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For Individuals, Couples, Teens , & Families

Session Details:



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Appointment Offerings:
*Please note, I will not be accepting new clients until approximately early 2023*
For potential new or returning clients, feel free to leave me an email to get started.

Therapy Sessions are by appointment only and listed times of availability frequently change.
contact the therapist via email for updated availability and scheduling appointments.

Fridays & Saturdays afternoon & evenings in person or telehealth,
Mondays telehealth only, evenings.

One therapy session lasts 50 minutes and will run on the hour or half hour. Sessions generally occur on a weekly basis, especially to begin. However, every situation is different and together we will negotiate a different frequency if the need arises
(twice weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly  or bimonthly as treatment progresses).

Longer sessions are also possible and price can be negotiated for these sessions.

Initial sessions include paperwork, assessment, and orienting everyone to counseling. Sometimes this first contact takes longer than a normal session. 1.5 hour sessions are available for first meetings if there are crisis situations that need immediate processing.

Next day or "emergency" sessions are rarely possible, but can sometimes be scheduled on a case by case basis based on my availability. Between session phone consultations can be available for a small fee. I try my utmost to accommodate client needs. If there is an emergency, please Dial 911 first. I will do my best to follow-up with any voicemails or emails within 48 hours, but I am also human and extenuating circumstances may extend the time in which I am able to return your communication.

Session Fees:

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*Cash, Check, Credit Cards, or Debit Cards are accepted*
I use the confidential platform through TherapyNotes to charge credit, debit, HSA, & FSA cards 

*Individual Client Therapy Sessions are $150 per session unless sliding scale pricing has been negotiated in advance.

*Couples or Relationship Therapy  is $150 per session. Both partners must be present for sessions unless otherwise negotiated by the therapist.

*Sessions are slated for 50 minutes and scheduled on the hour or half hour

I do provide a case-by-case affordability/need sliding scale ranging from $100-$150 per session for individual clients if we are a good fit or have a history working together and there is significant financial need. Please notify me in advance if this is the case and we can negotiate*
*Initial Sessions are priced the same at $150  for Individuals and $150 for couples.
This includes paperwork, getting to know you, initial assessment, conceptualizing presenting challenges, and preparing for future sessions.

*Although I understand things come up, due to my specific schedule and focus on accommodating established clients, a cancellation fee of half the regular session fee ($75) must be assessed for appointments canceled later than 24 hours before the appointment date/time.  Day of cancellations and no-shows are assessed fees. If you are ill or sick the day before do not attend session- be proactive and cancel your appointment even if you may feel better the next day. Please cancel or reschedule your appointments before the day prior to your appointment or sooner to open space for other clients. Both myself and my other clients appreciate it!
Phone calls or consultations between sessions longer than 10 minutes and writing certain documents or letters will require additional payment as well.
Feel free to ask any questions about these policies or to request policy documentation.
Thank you for your understanding! 


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Nikki Beecher 


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