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Welcome to my therapy page!  I have a Master's of Science Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from a COAMFTE accredited program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I also possess a B.S. in Zoology, which provides me additional knowledge about the behavioral and biological nature of stress, significant life change,  developmental stages, human sexuality, and relational challenges. I provide  all my clients strong ethical standards, non-judgment,  and unconditional acceptance.

Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT's and sometimes also called CFT's for couple and family therapists) are trained to treat mental health, relational issues, individual problems, and family challenges due to the fact that we can accommodate multiple people in the therapy treatment modalities. We also have the viewpoint that problems are "systemic issues" involving many different arenas of a client's life intertwined. Therefore, I welcome clients in the form of partnerships/couples/intimate relationships, individuals, teenagers, and families (including parents/children, step-families, siblings, grandparents, chosen family, etc.).

My background includes being President of the Marriage and Family Therapy Honor's Society (Delta Kappa) Las Vegas Zeta chapter from December 2014-May 2016.  I am an American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists Member and have volunteered on a crisis hotline for survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking from October 2013-January 2016. I also belong as a member to the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and Sexual Health Alliance to assist in my learning, growth, and connection to the sex therapy community. My clinical experience has been in a private practice setting in Las Vegas seeing diverse clientele as well as providing experience from  working with high acuity teen mental health treatment, teaching co-parenting classes, facilitating group therapy, and  treating people for substance abuse. 
My focus as a therapist is providing the understanding and safety to express yourself  naturally and be authentically yourself.  I create an environment that is conversational and supportive in nature. My style is open-minded, non-judgmental, and I place much of my effort building a bond with with my clients. With couples, I make sure everyone is heard and create a safe space to communicate. I have training and experience with sex therapy and working with diversity, so it is important to me to create a open and inviting atmosphere for all demographics of clientele with various backgrounds, experiences, and lifestyles. This includes ethically non-monogamous relationships, polyamorous dynamics, kink relationships, and other non-traditional/unique relationship styles. My genuine nature and passionate spirit make me unique from a stereotypical therapist.
Marriage and Family Therapy is a unique type of counseling that encompasses understanding the many facets of people's struggles such as environment, family/relationships, life experiences, individual factors, upbringing, behaviors, feelings, and thoughts.  I see all these areas as your life "system" and use a "systems theory" lens to help bring understanding and change to your life.
Thank you for reading and I look forward to meeting you soon!


Frequently Asked Questions...

Many people have questions about what therapy is, what it entails, what we will do in session etc. No question is a bad question when it comes to your care and comfort. If the answer is not here, please ask me! I'll be more than happy to get the information to you.
Q:  How do I know I "need" therapy?
A:  It's up to you! My first response is usually: do you want a sounding board, someone to be witness to your painful past, assistance getting over or through something, an accountability partner, someone to be a measuring stick for your progress, a support system, or a neutral party to run your questions by? However, sometimes it's more subtle than that or maybe you are mandated to therapy.  Are you feeling extraordinarily stressed or overwhelmed? Are you trying to make changes in life but finding your solutions are not working? Do you feel stuck or like you are spinning your wheels and are going no-where? Are you looking to learn about yourself, expand, grow, or head in a new direction?  If you answered yes to any of these questions or similar ones, then therapy may be great for you!
Q:  Don't all people in therapy have some sort of problem? Like there's something wrong with them?
A:  Not at all! From my perspective, EVERYONE could use a little therapy at some point in their lives (if not throughout life). Personal change is difficult. Life change, even if a positive change like a new house,  job, baby, lifestyle, or relationship is going to cause stress! Change requires exploration and adaptation. Therapy is good for that.
Q:  How long do I need to come?
A:  Depends on the person, their situation, and how much you would like to accomplish. Something to note is that couple's therapy can take awhile. You might expect it to take two months to two years for a lot of progress. I recommend giving therapy at least 2 months try before deciding it is not for you. Some issues can be remedied quickly, but some people want long-term support. I can do both!
Q:  What exactly happens in therapy? What should I expect?
A:  In my therapy room, we mostly talk, learn things, and try out new solutions to old problems. I try to keep it as conversational as possible. I do ask questions (some of them tough), and I do listen extensively to your perspectives.  We begin by some form of assessment- I have some paperwork for you to complete and I have preliminary questions to ask you, but I still keep this as a collaborative conversation between us. There may be homework I give you or activities in session. I also help you set goals , monitor progress, plan treatment, etc. You do not have to come in with specifics on what you want to say. I'm here to guide you! It's normal to be nervous for awhile, and I realize that it takes some time to get to know your therapist and feel fully comfortable opening up. Don't worry, I am very patient!
Q:  Can my... partner/spouse/relative/friend come with me?
A:  Anyone who signs the confidentiality agreement form and is relevant to your care can attend with you. This is something I like to discuss with you first, and may occur some of your sessions (at your discretion).  There will be times I talk to each person individually.  For couples (or family) therapy, most sessions will occur with all partners (or members) present, but it is normal for there to be some individual discussions as it pertains to treatment.
Anything else? Just ask! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to respond within 48 hours. If  you want a quick appointment, email is best. But you may also call and leave a voicemail at 702-763-2834.


Nikki Beecher
Nevada Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist 
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